You Know Yourself ?

How sure are you that you really know yourself?

You might answer the question by stating all the things that you know about yourself. This question is usually followed with the question how do you know that you really know what you know? In the context of philosophy, it is usually asked. This is to know the difference between what we know, what other knows about us and what we do not yet uncovers about ourselves. You might think that this is quite problematic since it will lead you most probably to the answer that you really do not know yourself. 

I am saying this not because I’m bringing up the idea that we do not know ourselves wholly, but my intention is to change the perspective of my readers regarding their acceptance to the opinions of other people of them. The point is you can not see everything in 360 degrees mode. We are like looking in the mirror and seeing only the image we want to see.  Sometimes we see ourselves us beautiful, great and wonderful, while sometimes we see ourselves very negatively. Likewise, other people can see also a part of us which we let them see or which they want to see. Vice versa no one could tell you for your real purpose and for the real you. You can change for the better if you will look deeper and try more things to test your LIMITS!!! 


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