The Writer (read this when you are disheartened and disappointed with your writing career)


I want to be a writer since I was young. I love reading books, creating stories, and now I am starting a career as a professional writer. It is hard yet I also know that it will be harder than now. There are so many things that I absolutely need to improve like:

  • vocabulary
  • tone of writing
  • professionalism
  • motivation
  • patience
  • and other writer’s attitude

Writing is not really the career I wanted to pursue, but it is a hobby I wanted to keep. I have so many hobbies like singing, attempting to play musical instruments, directing, eating, etc… But in this life, you cannot do everything. It is one of the reasons why life sucks! 

Nevertheless, not everything about life is ugly. There are so many blessings and beautiful things that happen to an individual that are usually overshadowed by bad events and disappointments in life. 

Hopefully, I will be able to start blogging. Not for money. (I feel very materialistic because of it.) But because, I want to share all of my passions in life. I don’t want to drop everything, so I want to have a means of doing it. I know I may become a lawyer someday, and I will pursue it for the better good, but I will still continue to stick with my principles and write write write to share share share things to the world. Image


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