What will happen if we already reach the end of SCIENCE?

This is what I am thinking earlier and I think it is one worthy question to be answered. 🙂

The Green Flux Life

After my very last class, this thought hit me. “What will happen if we already reach the end of SCIENCE?”

From : depositphotos.com

We are already excited when we heard of new happenings when it comes to technological advancements. Our scientists discover a lot of things everyday while our engineers create different tools which are almost impossible century ago (even only a decade ago).

Nevertheless,  it seems that man’s abilities are immeasurable. We are like rubber bands which can be stretched. (Although, we know that rubber bands have limitations.) But come to think about it, will Science stop from progressing in the future? Will there be a time that humans have discovered everything that there is to be discovered and answered all of the things that we need to know? What if men already reached our limitations? A lot of what ifs, but life is moving that way.

We cannot…

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