Sexuality is Illegal



What is sexuality?

It is the personal choice of a person regarding his/her desired sexual orientation. Whether s/he wants to be boy, girl, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and so on and so forth. Everybody is given with the right to choose the way s/he will drive his/her life. It is part of the natural right that we have. I admit that I am a little bit religious when it comes to my preferences but I know that we all believe that the Supreme Being give us freedom. So down to our second question…

Is it now morally right to deny some of their freedom if it is because of their sexual orientation? I am writing this blog because of the recent news at New York Times about the newest law in Uganda.

The law which condemns gays at Uganda is approved in legislation today, Friday. The law is called “aggravated homosexuality with a punishment of life imprisonment for every person accused of being gay.

We can see that this strong belief of the Ugandan government against homosexuality roots from their strong religious orientation. They don’t want their kids to be influenced with western homosexuality promotions.

This is a complete denial for a person to live according to his/ her sexual orientation which is equivalent to denial of a person’s right to live with dignity. A person will keep his/her sexual orientation just because the government doesn’t allow them to live. And they are not allowed to live not because they are dangerous criminals, rather these people are homophobic who can’t see beyond the sexuality of a person.

I am not gay but I have gay friends. They are not incompetent, dangerous and most of all cancer to the society. They are also created by God. They are not sick people. They are molded with both their nature and the way they are nurtured. A government intervention is a nationwide policy which will greatly influence how the people will perceive their neighbors, their brothers, their sons and daughters and their parents.

What if instead of your ideal peace and harmony will turn into chaos and death of so many people. This is not just a motherhood argument and I have some more points why we must accept a person’s sexuality whatever it is.

File:Gay flag 8.svg


1. Homosexuality is not a disease. In fact, until now there is still an ongoing debate whether it is a result of nature or nurture of a child.

2. Homosexuals are similar to heterosexuals in terms of natural rights.  We are all human beings created in the image of the Creator.

3. There are so many famous homosexuals who actually provided great discoveries and contributions in the fields of science, art, philosophy and life.

4. As long as we are restricting a minority group, it also means that we are restricting their intellectual capacity as well as ours to understand them and their needs.

5. Religion is different with government. Religion protects our religious perception and spirituality while the government protects those in the lowest stature in the society and give equal treatment to everybody.

6. If people will find the government to be going against them, it is already violating one of its function – to grow for the welfare of each and everyone in the society. If it is not complying with its function then according to Hobbes and Rousseau, the people have the right to rebel. This is not obviously an anarchy right?

7. Since there is no way to test for the homosexuality of an individual, anyone can  be falsely accused and be liable in court.

8. According to Jung, a psychologist, we all have both a female and male persona with us. It is just a matter of which is dominant which makes our sexual orientation.

There are other arguments but since I am now sleepy, I will try to add some more in my future posts. If you can add other things that I miss you are authorized to comment. I will appreciate it.

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