Ambitions and Sacrifices: A Reflection to the Film “Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio”

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The film “Ang Paglilitis ni Andres Bonifacio” is a story on how Andres Bonifacio was trialed. Andres Bonifacio was the Supremo of the Katipunan. He started the revolution against the colonization of Spain. He started a revolution for the freedom of the Philippines. Nonetheless, even if we know KKK as a group united with one goal – freedom – it also faced conflicts and division within the years of its existence. There were two groups; one led by Andres Bonifacio and one led by Emilio Aguinaldo. The main problem of the two groups was the division of leadership which the Magdiwang believed would be resolved if Andres will die.

The movie showed us that there are people who will betray their friends or comrades for the sake of power. They wanted to go out clean so they want Andres to be killed. I think that, base on the film, the way he was trialed was unfair. Even if he was the Supremo – or as Gen. Aguinaldo said: “Andres is the Revolution” – he was muted by the Council of War as they were biased toward the death of Bonifacio. It was frustrating that he and his brother got the worst lawyers and the truth was somehow twisted. The council used only testimonies, which were prone to mistakes and lies. Sad to say, that even how we honor Bonifacio for his courage and greatness for the sake of the freedom of our country, we could not change the fact that he was given an unjust sentence. A sentence which killed a person who sacrificed everything for this country while letting ambitious people to remain in their positions. It was also annoying that even during the times that the two groups could have been united to continue the war against the Spaniards, those anti-Bonifacio continue to prosecute Bonifacio.


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