The Sense of Being a True Filipino

From the very first year of formal education of a child, Rizal is always taught as the national hero of the Philippines. He is always portrayed as the symbol of knowledge and freedom. One of the significant symbols that each and every Filipino ought to remember, but the dilemma here rise from another view of the historicity of Rizal’s contribution and importance with Philippine’s independence. Whether Rizal really reaches the qualifications of the glorification attached to his name or not is one of the debatable issues nowadays. Some says that his only desire was assimilation, while other says the latter him was actually a separatist. The different interpretations of our historians create confusion to the true image and significance of Rizal.

American Sponsored Hero

Who put Rizal in his throne today, the Americans or the Filipinos? Some historians like the author of “Veneration without Understanding” say that it is the Americans who put Rizal on his position. They influenced the people through supporting different institutions and organizations dedicated to Rizal. They build different buildings and infrastructure to praise Rizal’s contribution more than anybody else. The reason behind this – is to tame the Filipinos. To fight imperialism through peaceful means, through writing and learning instead. This is one way for the US to hide their antagonism and make the people believe that they are helping us to progress and individualism.

On the other hand, didn’t former President Aguinaldo made the day of Rizal’s death a valuable occasion to honor. Isn’t this simple act made him a national hero on the first place? Rizal contributed a lot by putting into words and simplified context the complexity of the reality of those days. I think that even if his works were primarily for those on higher classes before, to influence them first due to practical aspects. As written on the article, he drove the revolution to advance. Even if he despised the revolution and neglect them, he still helped it the ideas of our other heroes, we will be better. It is because a country needs unity. The debate on Rizal and Bonifacio’s credibility to become the national hero is absurd. It is always demonizing the other for the sake of another while other heroes fade on the background.

Filipino Nationhood

Filipino Nationhood is ideological. It is perfect in the sense that we cannot make it real. Why? Because the true concept of nationhood is not taught just by studying one person’s works and ideas. A unified country needs different perspectives, making its people think of the best way to show their nationalism. This starts from the very first day of a Filipino’s education; the importance of knowing the real identity of being a Filipino. The article is telling us that being a true Filipino is being free. We will learn while on the process of struggling for liberty and independence. This is what we are supposed to do, not to debate but to enhance the cultural relevance of Filipinos;knowing about the people within this country and patronizing the talents and skills of our own people. Teach Filipinos the significance of our own history, culture, traditions, and diversity. Different sectors of the society are needed, but isn’t this how unity evolves, through coordination and having one goal. Filipinos are not idiots like Western countries are thinking, but Filipinos should also stop letting them do this.



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