Where to Begin Your Freelance Life?

Since I posted about my successful application to become a writer for an upcoming magazine, lots of people start to ask me details on how they can also start freelancing. I know how every aspirant writer and freelancer feels. I had experienced them before and still experiencing them till now. lol.

Most of the time, we will feel scared, anxiety, extreme changes in our self esteems and even heart palpitations. Running sweat in your face and palms are not unusual. It is similar to applying for a job traditionally. The only difference is you will stay in your home or in a computer cafe and your basic tools are one computer ( desktop, laptop, smart phones, tablet, etc…) and a stable internet connection. All in all, whatever emotions, depressions, and long waiting hours when you apply to a job physically, you will also experience them in applying for a job online.

Now, let me first introduce the three freelancing sites I am currently using to find jobs; oDesk, Elance and Essays.ph . I know that there are still more freelancing sites out there and other medium that one can use, but for starters, these three sites can be a lot of help.

oDesk.com is the easiest to use among the three. It is also the site with the most number of opportunities for newbies. You can find jobs ranging from writing, transcription, illustration, data encoding, virtual assistant-ship, bookkeeping, etc… Although majority thinks that freelancing is only about writing, I hope that as you have seen, there are so much more in the world of freelance.

Elance on the other hand, might be similar to oDesk but with some restrictions. Personally, I had a hard time using Elance because the competition is greater here. There are more competitive and experienced freelancers in this site. The positive side of Elance over the others is its profitability. The job opportunities in this site are more high paying than in oDesk. Most of the job in oDesk are low-paying, but once you have built a good credential from past employers, it will be easier for you to be hired in other jobs. This is true for both sites.

Lastly, there is EPH for Filipino writers. This site is open to all Filipino writers who want to earn additional money. What you have to do is take their trial exam and wait for an approval. Once your application is approved, you will be opened to a portal of unlimited writing assignments. You will just choose the topics or assignments you want to do. The more you write quality articles, the more you will gain. They also have different levels for their writers which indicates how experienced and good the writer is. You will see it once you joined the writing hub.

I hope these information will be so much of help to you aspirant freelancer! Just keep on researching for other sites and create substantial portfolio if you want to sound credible. As I have said, there are still more sites offering jobs to freelancers out there, but in terms of credibility and security, I am very much happy to share these three sites to you. Thank you for reading and may your journey be fruitful!

Photo credit : http://mashable.com/2013/05/04/freelancing-tips/


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