The Humble Beginning of TFL


ThisFreelanceLife is a magazine focusing on giving tips to freelancers – newbie or experienced – on balancing work and life. Melissa Van Hoorne founded this magazine with Katie Joll. Although there is no certainty that this pursuit will become a success, they decided to create it even with just a small kickstarter fund. Their only stronghold is their great deal motivation and determination to help other freelancers.

More and more people are turning to freelancing to support their financial needs or break free  from their 8 – 5 regular jobs. Other people like me, wants to earn additional income to support my educational needs.

There are so many reasons why people choose the life of freelance. One is money, but the most compelling attribute of it is working at home. You don’t have to go out and bump with other office workers during rush hour! All you have to do is wake up, eat and open your computer. After this you are ready to start your day!

Earning is not easy for anybody. Even if you are the CEO or COO of the most successful and profitable company in the world, attached to it is the greatness of responsibility  for the position you have. Likewise, if you want to start earning money it also requires a lot of effort and self-discipline coming from you.

Being a freelancer means working without time and space constriction, as well as limitations on earning capabilities. The more you work, the more you earn. The good thing in being a freelancer is that you can work whenever and wherever you are.

This magazine will help you gain insights on how to move freely and comfortably in the world of freelance. You can also get tips and strategies on how to improve yourself and how to attract more high-paying clients. Lastly, it will give monthly tips on how to celebrate being a freelancer everyday…



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