A Thousand Words did not fail its viewers to produce a comedy film but reflective one.


Have you ever thought that one day,just  maybe one day, our ability to use words would be put into limits? That sounds ridiculous, right? Our words? It is always part of our life. From the time immemorial, we have this ability, because words are our tools to convey our thoughts and feelings. Moreover, this is also the dogma that pulls us from recognizing the more powerful effects of wordless language.

This is what happened to Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) in the movie A Thousand Words. In the movie, Jack McCall is portrayed as a person who is near to our conception of a person with ADHD. He is impatient, talkative, aggressive, very frank , and in addition, he is uncaring to other people’s feelings. He wants everything that will put him on the top. He wants to be the best. Take note – nothing but the best ,but of course in his own perspective. He cannot let his time pass for the sake of other people, nevertheless that person can give him a leverage in his career. Isn’t this common to most people? It sucks!

In ” A Thousand Words”, Jack McCall is a literary agent whose main target is Dr. Sinja (Cliff Curtis). Dr. Sinja is a renowned self-help guru in the film. McCall believed that through his “gift of gab”, he can catch Dr. Sinja’s attention and signed a contract with him. To make the story short, Dr. Sinja accepted the deal with a condition that the agent will promise to spread his philosophy the way he wants it to be portrayed. They closed the deal and later brought back a furious McCall to Dr. Sinja’s place again.

Dr. Sinja gave him a five-page long book. If one will remember even if McCall is a literary agent, he has a habit of reading only the first and last five pages of each book he handled. This is what he told his assistant Aaron. Unfortunately this is what he received from Dr. Sinja.

In Dr. Sinja’s place is a Bodhi tree which magically popped in McCall’s house. Later, McCall and Dr. Sinja discovered that for every word McCall use a leaf falls down. According to Dr. Sinja, it signifies that Jack and the tree are connected. It means that when the leaves of the tree wear off, he will die. This time, McCall started to experience whatever is happening to the tree.

My Favorite Scene

My favorite scene is when he used his last words by giving his gratitude to each person in his life. He experienced the five stages of grief such as: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally Acceptance. The only person who can give his life back is himself. He realized that until now, he cannot forgive his father. This is the primary thing that holds him back from true happiness, therefore, his last three words are “I Forgive You”.

Thoughts I love from “A Thousand Words”

  • Words are only one way to convey our thoughts.
  • We only start to value things when we start to lose them.
  • When we have limited words, we need to think which are the best and most important words we must use.
  • We lessen our usage of irrelevant and offensive words when our word count is limited.
  • Our number one enemy is ourselves.
  • Forgiveness will start in our hearts.
  • Care the people around us.

The movie A Thousand Words is successful in using comedy without losing the sense of the movie. It is able to portray the essence of reflection and meditation in our lives.

Where does Happiness come from???

We tend to forget the simple things that we have and continue with our materialistic desire. Human’s materialism is one reason of unhappiness. You think money and fame brings happiness. This is only a great lie! A lie imparted to us by Capitalism and Materialism.