I Can’t Stay Mad; I Don’t Want to Get Sick!


Sounds familiar?

Yes! We always say this when we are in a huge fight with our partner, siblings, friends and even parents. We feel satisfied when we are able to pronounce our grudge and anger to somebody. Stomping and sobbing vigorously afterwards.

When we are pointing out that we are literally angry. Our frustrations, fury, and whatever creative words you want to use to define what you feel, all push us to do crazy things and say crazy words. Not thinking whether you further hurt yourself or the other.

So who do you hurt???

Yes! Their conscience might knock on their hearts and urge them to ask for your forgiveness; however, this is just a super idealistic thought! The way other perceive your whims might be different to your intended meaning. That is reality.

What we do not realize is, the more we get angry, the more we put our health at risk. Think about it this way. Can you remember the enraged old woman last time? Most probably just last day or last weekend, when you are having your daily strolls. How about the last time your mother’s ballistic nagging when you return home late at night?

Try to remember the color of their face. Is it violet? red?Cartoon characters portray an angry person through steams coming out of their ears and red creeps from head to toe and followed up with an explosion or two.

In reality, people flush red when they are extremely angry. Increase heart palpitation, muscle tension, sweating, fists clenching…. In short, we cannot control ourselves when we are in the bubble of frustration.

Physiological effects of anger

Are you beginning to see what I mean now? Anger has physiological side effect to our body. It is the major cause of stroke and other coronary heart diseases in adults. It causes high blood pressure, colds and flu, gastrointestinal problems, and even cancer. Psychologically, long-term anger problem results to depression, poor decision-making,stress, anxiety, and in the worst case – self harm or suicide.

Say “Sorry, I Can’t Stay Mad”

Staying mad with a person will never do benefit anybody. Others might not even taking you seriously, so why waste your time and energy if instead of being beneficial, ranting will just make you sick? This is the time you start to give more consideration to your health and happiness.You can conquer those emotions.

Turn your mindset from NEGATIVE thinking to POSITIVE thinking. Practice your patience. It is hard, yet regular practice will not just let you control your blood pressure, but will leave you composed and rational even at that dreaded moment.

Smile. This will lighten up the mood. As ironic as it is , but don’t demerit the viral effect of smiling. When you let anger conquer you, it will pull you down with its long, burning, red tails to the realm of madness.

Love yourself. Staying mad will never satisfy that wanting feelings. Take note that the way to happiness is only through your self.  Your thoughts, perspective and willingness to forgive will set you free from pain.

Show the world how strong you are. Build your confidence, heads up, and create the identity of real life wonder woman.


You think these thoughts are cliches? Well, they are nothing but the truth. I’ve been somewhere in the tempered area before, I become the typical emo. Crying in the bathroom, thinking everybody hates me. Shouting at my mom when I cannot get what I want. Hurting my brother when he is such an ass. You see, there are so many irrational things we tend to do when we let those nasty thoughts lurk in our minds. They only leave us unjustifiably broken, even if it is not yet the end of the world. Up until now I still admire those people who can easily forgive and forget. I can forgive easily and my mind functions it self protective mechanism of forget. It is just not from my heart. I feel compelled to do it, so I am still in pain.

Now, I am starting to face the truth that staying mad is nonsense. It is true that anger is part of human biology, but it does not leave us with no alternative. We have our brains and determination to remain calm and unaffected.


One thought on “I Can’t Stay Mad; I Don’t Want to Get Sick!

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