How to Create Your oDesk Account and Start Earning Money?

Hey guys, how are you?

To compensate for the days I wasn’t able to share anything in this blog, I decided to write something causal, yet insightful blog post for those who are asking me about freelancing.This will be a very casual post about “how to create your profile account in oDesk”.

I have been in oDesk for almost a year now, and I also experienced those doubts, fear and of course “I’ll do it later” phase of my freelancing life. I decided to add this topic to my list, after a friend of mine became interested to join freelancing. So with no further ado, here is a step-by-step guide on how to create your profile account in oDesk.



  1. Go to and sign up for freelancer account.


  1. Click the sign up button below “I need a job” logo.





  1. Fill up the form or you can click on the other buttons above to sign up through FB, LinkedIn,GitHub, or Stack Overflow.



  1. This page indicates that you are done with the first stage and ready to move on to the second stage of the process. Go to your e-mail account immediately and look for oDesk’s love letter for you.



  1. Once you are in your e-mail account, quickly read the message from oDesk. You will receive a link for your next step.


  1. Choose which category of job you are looking for.


  1. If you like to do some writing assignments, you most likely clicked on the writing icon earlier. Furthermore, you will be asked to choose the kind of writing you most likely know/want to do. Choose only four subcategories and click the green button below.


  1. Now for the next stage, complete your profile from step 1 to step 3. Be honest with all the information you give. we all want to work with honest people right? Stop those shiny false information about yourself ,and focus instead on showcasing your whole professional side as creative as you can.


  1. In this part, oDesk will ask for your rate per hour. This is essential for your prospective clients to see if they can avail your services. As a starter, you can always start with $2-3 per hour. On the other hand, if you are worried that this is too small, don’t worry, you still need to bid on projects. You can put the rate per hour that you really want with your bid. This is only an overview of your price, but does not affect your whole freelancing career. You earn per contract, and you can also change it anytime you wish.

98. Tada! Congratulations! You now have your own account. You will see some other things that you must complete to make your profile more appealing. Take the oDesk test, and two or more other free tests from oDesk.  Chances are better for freelancers with complete profiles, so exert great effort in enhancing  your account and may the odds be ever at your favor! XD






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