Why Can’t We Celebrate Mother’s Day Everyday?

source: hallmark

This might be a super late post about Mother’s day, and you might also say that I am an inconsiderate daughter because I did not greet my mom last Mother’s day. Moreover,let me defend myself first.

I have two reasons why I did not greet my lovely mother. First,  we are not used to celebrate occasions other than Birthdays, New Year, and Death Anniversary. ( They don’t even celebrate my birthday. 😦  So sad…) Second, I don’t know how to greet my mom. I feel flowers and chocolates are too expensive for me at the moment. She will also tease me and show everybody if ever I write a letter to her. We are close, but not that touchy, I guess. Moreover, I hope that in the near future, I will be able to bring her somewhere special to celebrate mother’s day.

Nevertheless, why do we have to celebrate mother’s day on the first place? It will be a cliche if I will answer you that it is wrong because, everyday must be mother’s day, right?  This answer is unrealistic and probably exaggerated in a practical way. We cannot celebrate mother’s day everyday because it will start to lose its essence. We cannot afford to that too. However, here are four reasons why we should rejoice our mother’s special day.

*disclaimer : I would like to clarify that I also believe that there are mothers who abuse their children or abandon them; however, motherhood is not just biologically, a true mother is someone who sticks to caring and loving her children (biological or not).

Our mothers never stop being a mother.

There might be moments that we hate our moms for scolding, reprimanding, touching, kissing or even caring for us (ironic, isn’t it), but no matter what, they are still there , standing by our side. How extreme our fight last night might be, but they are still dutifully  performing there everyday chores. I always wonder how can they set aside all issues, problems, and  arguments. They face each day strongly. Even if they know that another day means another tireless routine, they don’t pause their lives and leave everything behind. They really never pause nor stop until they’re old and sick.

It is a not other than a memo.

I think the reason behind the creation of Mother’s day is for us to be reminded that we have a mother. We always take advantage those around us. We fail to recognize them unless they are gone. So mother’s day is really a memo for us to remember that we need to spend even just one day to make them feel special.

You are not where you are without them

Whether you are a lawyer, a doctor, a writer or a student, you won’t be in your place now if not because of your mother. They are our first teachers who patiently show us our first knowledge of the world. They cook our food to make sure that we eat only clean and healthy foods.

It is to celebrate the best mother we know.

According to its founder Anna Jarvis, mother’s day is for celebrating the best mother in the world. This, of course, varies from one person to another. As a daughter or son, we should celebrate the existence of the greatest mothers we have ever known.


Are you still close to the idea that mother’s day is not just about flowers, chocolates, expensive dinners, etc… but it is for the highest recognition that we can give? To those who endlessly do their duties as mothers, praise on ye! We can always celebrate mother’s day anytime, but its impact would be different on how we rejoice in it.




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