Is FASHION really necessary in our lives?

What is fashion? That is the very first thing a not fashionista person would be asking herself. Well basically, it equates to lifestyle. It is a social phenomenon which involves individuals psychological desires, behaviors, perspectives and beliefs.  It is how a person would bring himself/ herself. For me, there should be no boundaries and in reality there isn’t, although the higher class group is trying to put one.

Fashion is about how you perceive the world and yourself. We may be very familiar with a glossy magazine’s photo of a model wearing what the industry says to be the trending now, or you may be familiar with the runway models and the designer’s clothes they are representing.  But in general, whether you are pro or anti , it is still an important factor of one’s life.  Fashion is and will always be part of our lives.

Here are some reasons on how it affects our lives and how we are perceived through it.

Fashion implies communication. The way you dress is how you will direct a statement. The type of dress you wear attracts people.  One example is a woman who is wearing mini skirt, designer’s shoes, branded blouse and expensive jewelries would definitely attracts people who have styles like her. She can be considered as bold by her environment. Stylish by more conservative ones, and sophisticated  and in by her circle.

Our personality reflects on our fashion style. People can get a hint of your personality, income, family background, stature, circles and beliefs through your fashion sense. Your personality is greatly symbolize by the way you wear your clothes. You can be considered carefree and liberal if you are not afraid to wear revealing clothes. You are seen as conservative if you wear too long and over protective. There are so many ways on how your personality is shown through your clothes, accessories and even shoes.

Fashion and  culture. Fashion and culture are two interconnected notions. The cultural beliefs and norms of a society is expressed in the fashion of that country. Western fashion is relatively different with the Oriental or Asian style. Even in Asia, the styles are also different. There are Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Russian, etc… Basically, it started with the cultural beliefs and styles of the people in a country, and this guides the development of a style in a particular place.

Fashion is manipulated by the Industry; both global and local.Who sets the in today and out tomorrow, isn’t the media and fashion industry? Yes! They impose what are the always top design and what is the corny and out of date. It’s global industry belongs to the five topmost industry in the market. People constantly buy new clothes, new shoes, bags and accessories. People wants diversity or traditional. The industry can set up the epitome of beautiful, newest and  complementary garments of clothes.

In conclusion, fashion directly affects our lives just like foods do. What we eat comprises our likes and dislikes, and fashion reflects personality, lifestyle, beliefs, likes, dislikes, job, family, culture and philosophy.  No one can escape from fashion as fashion will always be at our heels running with us as we grow.


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