Humanity and the World


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The world we are living is composed of different types of organism. We live in a place where there is a diversity of race, color and behavior. WARS, poverty and injustice are only some of the events that people are experiencing every now and then.

Due to the ambitious desire of the few to gain superiority, power and wealth, many are abused and removed of their rights as humans. There are a lot more than intellectual, monetary, economic and political status which could be considered more significant to reach our ultimate goal: “Happiness”.

What can a small person do for the humanity? Maybe as my professor said: “A nation needs Story. A big story” . I believe that we are in a nation. Americans, Europeans, Asians, Aussies, and Africans. We all live connected with each other same way with how we are connected with our environment. What we need are stories of reality to open the eyes of the people who tends to forget and rely on the material things that we value on this limited life.

It may sounds too metaphysical and ethical, but I am talking about more than that. It is the empirical and analytic reality which we choose to believe that is happening and needed to be considered. It is not just ethics, since our stories differentiate in terms of morally right and wrong. It is also not just about metaphysics, as we also have diverse definition of metaphysics. It is about humanity.

Humanity for me is not only theoretic and rethorics rather it is a reality which exist with all of the sufferings, sacrifices and ignorance of the people. It is composed of ethics, metaphysics, literature, logic, existentialism, feminism and so forth and so on.


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