Just like the title of this post, “where does spooky and creepy Ideas start from” ? We all know that since the beginning of the world, fear is living and lurking within it. It is part of the natural instinct of some living organisms to experience weakness and fear for their lives.

Human beings, on the other hand, does not only live in the fear of being a prey, rather, it also believes on things which doesn’t necessarily existing, but undeniably possible to exist.

We heard of ghosts, haunted places, and supernatural sightings. We read novels about werewolves, vampires, zombies and many other fictitious supernatural beings.

My interest with supernatural entities started when I was still in elementary. I got to read books about ancient astronomers, Stonehenge, Atlantis, Mermaids, Bermuda Triangle. Though the odd commonalities of these things is their being both probable existence and nonexistence. It is really weird and mysterious. Science cannot answer them and they break the law of logic. The law of excluded middle.

I may not be a total believer, but I want to explore their origins. It is very interesting since the way that human beings use to weave information and opinions to form a whole new story that lasts until now is very complicated. It runs from generation to generation from word of mouth and changes as time goes by.

Please follow me on my journey of extracting the truth behind the belief of humans to this kind of entities.


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